why won't my computer recognize adobe flash player?

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Answered: My question is about Adobe Flash Player Already i m having adobe flash

Check out that the software you have installed is right.

Answered: How risky is today to build web sites with adobe flash technology? I mean

Until they solve the problem with Beta and other problems, it is not a screaming success. A lot of folks are unable to properly download load Flash player. It works well with Google but hardly ever with other browsers. Try loading a song from Facebook if you are in a Yahoo environment. ~Moe

Answered: My question is about Adobe Flash Player now why I ...

also . . . I have found that if your browser is I.E. flash player does not work properly. Try Mozilla Firefox as your browser. You may be surprised.

Answered: Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player does not have an interface like other applications, but you still can customize the parameters of the program via a small window on the bottom of the browser to increase the speed of hardware and some other options that you want. Link download latest version: http ...

Answered: Flash player for my system windows vista starter

Adobe flash player should work under Windows Vista. Download the latest version from Adobe's web site.

Answered: I am trying to install adobe flash and it is telling me to close IE, and

To be more explanatory, close out ( red "X") any programs you have open in your browser except the "Flash Player" download page, then after they're all closed down, click on the "retry" window! Hope this helps!
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How to repair adobe flash player 13 for free

You can get a free download to replace it at www.filehippo.com--------------You may have to delete the one you have now if the new download won't install over the top of what you have.

How to get rid of Adobe Flash Player Settings Popup?

Maybe your not keeping Adobe Flash Player updaated. Even if you remove Adobe you may still have your problem. For Windows 7 and Vista - Start - Control Panel - Program and Features. I wouldn't remove Adobe, update and see if that helps.

How i can creat animation clip using flash ?

You can create your own Flash animation by frame and action script. Try to research on different features on flash animation. Enjoy working!

Adobe flash player was deleted...

Go to adobe.com and download flashplayer 10