Why won't grand theft auto 5 load on my xbox 360?

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Answered: How can you be a cop on grand theft auto 4 for xbox 360???

Well, I don't think you really can become a cop. I have tried everything like: calling the number: 555-RECRUIT and that don't work. I just put a suit on and act like im a cop. They should make a police simulation game don't you think? -gamepro552@yahoo.com

Answered: How do you get onto xbox live during gameplay?

you need enternet connection to have it in game play manly just buy Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned its only 12.99 on gamestop.com

Answered: When do you think the next GTA will come out?

the next gta would prabably come out next year like in 2010

Answered: Is there a never die cheat in gta 4 if so what is it

There probably is not because every website possible is not o there now HACK YES THERE IS

Answered: How much is this game?

I would suggest you to search about it information, you can easily get more information about it. Tags:- Team building | Team building activities | Visit Team building Blog
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Maybe because you insult his abilities and he wants to improve, so he can show you up.


I think the next xbox 360 will do that

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If you could afford a policy with a zero deductible, you could more than easily afford to buy a new part. So, no.

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You must activate cheat mode before using any cheat. To enter cheat mode press Back to activate your PDA during gameplay and press: LB, RB(2), LB, RB, LB(2), RB(3), LB, then press Back again. http://www.xbox360cheats.com/Mercenaries_2_World_in_Flames/cheat_mode/