why wives like husband to crossdress?

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Answered: Support for wives of unfaithful husbands

I too am currently going through the same situation. I am the best wife to my husband i know how to be. if a husband wonders off and is with another other than his wife; then he is looking for something else. My husband has not told me about it; but, i know for a fact that he has been wtih others ...

Answered: What happened to the real crossdresser chat room?

Hi Donna,,all the ones I see now are the websites that want you to pay for monthly subscriptions but you can register for free & post your profile & pictures for dating or friendship with each other.You can see the people who view your profile & send you flirts & I only try to see the ones who ...

Answered: Why do wives cheat on husbands with old boyfriends

Wow... Closure, Sex, Payback, make sure feelings are not there. For me it was the Sex part, My current partner was unable to satisfy me in the way my EX did. After a few times, months apart I woke up and realize that my EX had not changed and the sex became as ugly as he was. Again Closure and ...

Answered: Why wives who keep husbands away from their family

Loose their husbands? Have a better marriage? Have less problems? What already? Is your question referring to?

Answered: Help for wives with cheating husbands

This can help you, It sure helped me! The Woman Men Adore...and Never Want To Leave. http://tinyurl.com/y7lbpa4
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I'm on medication same that females get does that count.

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Go To Craiglist and post a wanted ad in your local area many crossdressers out there.It is free