Why when I east something sweet I then need to eat something salty and vice versa?

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Tadpole, placing a vile curse on yourself is still to bear that curse -- only you will learn nothing from it and only suffer for your racist misdeed. Everyone knows that you are terrified and think Rocmile is back from the grave to haul you down to hell. Muslims have that ridiculous delusion ...

Answered: How can I get my 9 year old to eat healthy meals he doesn't eat alot of

How about serving fish or chicken without the skin? These have white meat and they're often used as ingredients for healthy lunch ideas here . Add herbs and spices, like oregano for chicken or fenugreek for the fish. Grill or bake them instead of frying in oil.

Answered: Sweet 16 parties

Not one like that but a one that can make her feel special.

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It is for those who are willing to study abroad.

Answered: I’d like to stop eating sweet snacks, and am looking for salty, yet

OMG, it just never stops. It's the 24 hour stupidity channel!!! 1 genius asks for healthy, salty snacks and then some other clown chimes in and says salty snacks are good for your heart because they control blood pressure. FYI, to anyone reading this who has a brain: Salty snacks are NOT healthy ...
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