Why was the city such a central element in Progressive America?

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Answered: Is it possible to travel in Central America by ...

There is no rail service at present in Guatemala. The national railway company is currently being transferred to the private sector. Most of the buses in Guatemala that transport people from city to city are called "chicken buses" because of the live cargo accompanying passengers. They are ...

Answered: Travelling Through Central America

Well, as a cruise lover and a cruise ship jobs man, I would suggest that you just see it by the ocean... Cruising and traveling America is awesome. Compared to having to drive for hours or flying on a plane.

Answered: What is the percentage breakdown of blacks living in south and central

Brazil is about 6% black and 42% brown (mixed race).

Answered: Exotic elements?

It is best to begin with topological events: space folding in on itself. As we see space folding itself in, it forms strings, quarks, and so forth. It is consistent with the constructs of Baryons that we see more primiitive matter and more advanced matter. Exotic elements exist, but our atheist ...

Answered: Birdwatching Central America

There are 2 countries that I would recommend for bird watching tours in Central America: Guatemala and Costa Rica. Here are just 2 examples from each country: http://www.xelapages.com/gbrc/index.htm http://www.turansa.com/paginas/tours/birdwatching.htm http://www.haciendabaru.com ...
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Where would u suggest to go on a 7 hr tour in belize city and area

Since you are so limited for time, I would recommend a half day tour. Go to this web site for some suggestions.

Travel from puerto vallarta to mexico city by train, how did it take?

According to this web site there are no trains that travel to Puerto Vallarta. http://www.puertovallarta.net/fast_facts/how_to_get.php

City and state will not help white males

Not surprising, considering the sheer sadism of leftist liberal Black Panther voter clubbers that scream racist hate for Obama. Remember, only Democrats are racist hate mongers. You are out of work and faced with a five-figure tax lien on your home because of Obamacare. Remember that Democrats ...