Why was Koch's recommendation for heat-fixing and staining important to microbiology?

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Answered: Non-specific staining in microbiology

There are many different dyes used in a clinical micro lab which could be used for non-specific staining if you just wanted to color the organisms in order to visualize them for microscopy. Easiest to hand would be Crystal Violet, Safranin, Methylene Blue, and the TB reagents. The question becomes ...

Answered: Why is it important to have differential medias when working in a

Bacteria and other microbes have particular requirements for growth. When they reside in and on our bodies or in the environment, they harvest their food from us or from the environment. When we grow bacteria in lab, we are essentially creating a captive environment for bacteria – like a bacteria ...

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It depends on the size of apartment. Instead of Furnace you can buy home heating radiators. http://www.cambroboilers.com.au/what-we-do/radiators these are perfect for home use as well as commercial too.

Answered: Koch vs. Obama: Whose Side Are You On?

Koch brothers are in the greedy rich 1% that want more tax cuts and expect the poor & middle class to suffer to pay for it. Obama is for the middle class and lower class & is good for most of us. Bush caused big deficit & recession & Obama got us out of Bush's big recession.

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To Landlord first. When that fails contact local housing authorities.

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to remove stain from cabinet you should brush cabinets regularly, make it neat and clean. source:http://www.cabinetsense.com/cabinets/index.php
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