why was Greyston Holt replaced on cedar cove with Corey Sevier?

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Answered: Has anyone ever heard of the cedar brand ranch

internet search shows similar named ranches, but not that combination.

Answered: Paul corey who wrote the book

Hi Melissa, you have everyone wondering who you are , but ridley park and cats, well I'm sure i can find more about that book for you, let me do some research...............1990 grad hehe

Answered: How do you install new pipe flashing (a pipe boot) on a cedar roof

You need to remove the shingles so you have enough room for the boot, spread "BlackJack" on the bottom side, this seals the bottom for leaks. Then replace the shingles.

Answered: Cedar fence and waiting to stain

STAY AWAY from 5 MINUTE FENCE STAIN! This company is a joke and so is their product. They will not respond to e-mails or phone messages. I spent $150 with them and lost it all! The "spray" comes out in spurts and splashes that just runs off the wood. I promised them I would tell everyone I could ...

Answered: We have just put rough cut cedar siding on our ...

Do not use Floods as it doesn't last I used Cabot it lasted 7 yrs.
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How to treat new yellow cedar deck

One more point: seal the board ends carefully every time. Cedar always decays at the end of the board.

Can i put Thompson Water Seal on a Cedar Deck

Yes. If you are using the water based version of any brand of sealer you will only be able to put on one coat. Once it is dry the sealer will not be able to soak in so make sure you have good coverage with the first coat. A cheap garden sprayer works well. Be careful about spraying next to the ...

I had someone power wash my cedar deck. He ...

If the cedar is freshly sanded, by all means seal it immediately. I like Ready Seal because it is an oil (paraffinic, not linseed) and it never has to be stripped before re-applying. I hate acrylic sealers. My cedar deck is 35 years old and looks great.

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