Why was Gia Allemand depressed?

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Answered: Depression

It is not a common experience for someone who is brokenhearted. Try to divert yourself into something that will take your emotions from her. Meditation exercises and practices will help you though.

Answered: How many people are depressed right now? Are there ...

I have spent half my life severely depressed and the rest ecstatic. I married my darling wife 45 years ago at the age of 20. She was nineteen. We both had fits of depression, every time her mother came to visit. For those 45 years, we both felt terribly depressed, then the inevitable happened ...

Answered: Depression

You should tell him that if he's so depressed that he doesn't care about his life - that's his choice. If he wants to die in a couple of years - that's his choice. Each and everyone of us is responsible for himself, and if the person prefers to end his life through drugs - I honestly think not much ...

Answered: Depression

You should tell them you had enough, I think. I'm 99% sure your depression did not happen by itself but as a result of your mom's and your husband's dictate. Be ready to go through a serious fight with them, but if you pull that one out - you will feel much better.

Answered: How serious a depression can develop if you don't ...

Depression won't go away on its own, it is a treatable condition. Consult a doctor to lower the depression. Regular practice of exercise, yoga, meditation will also helps to lower the depression levels. I found some useful information at http://seahealth.org/anxiety

Answered: Depression

Why not to try yoga. If you dont know much about yoga asans, then you can do simple breathing and concentration exercises. Be alone in your room and wear light and short clothes. Close the eyes and take deep breathes and concentrate that your mind is free of thoughts..... With little practice it ...
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I've had these sort of symptoms from Depression also. I've explained at my website how to overcome depression. It's a difficult situation, but it is totally escapable...I know because it's happened for me. How? Please read about it at my website...I spent a lot of time on this so please go through ...

Depressed Food?

In short, a depression diet is a diet that contributes to depression. Your diet may be a depression diet if you are not consumming sufficient amounts of amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, fatty acids, proteins, and carbohydrates. These nutrients are needed by your body to produce important ...