Why was geography important to the outcome of the battle of gettysburg?

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Answered: Gettysburg 75th anniversary medal

The medal was given to Dr. Edith Dexter MacBride appointed by governor Earle of Pa. as the first and only female Secretary of Health in the ommonwealth f Pa. I was looking for the name reversed at one time and finally found it. I did have a few responses from this site and I think it is marvelous.

Answered: Geography

I think it is located in Caribbean.

Answered: Can the courts order a hair folical drug trest to prove mother is unfit

They can use it or what ever means they have to as it's the law and if it's court ordered you have no choice.

Answered: My Rap Battle Blog Entry

I apologize

Answered: Geography

There is no such thing as to where north equatorial located but Africa is the most centrally located of all the continents.
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