why so much evil in the church?

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Answered: Is Church Essential?

Church is essential because that's the tentacle of our prayer. By praying together, God will more pay attention.

Answered: Shoud an incorporated church have board of ion of trustee elected by

I wouldn't even want to comment on that - I feel strongly that is a decision for their members only ! - - If you are one, then good luck for your point of view - but PLEASE don't get into it here !

Answered: How would you discribe evil?

Hi SomeWeirdGuy. I believe that 'evil' is what wants to steal EVERYTHING from us. Our Faith in God.. our relationships, our worldly possessions, our health, our happiness.. our sanity, and finally, our lives. Evil wants it all.. wants our Soul and will take it if we are weak or vulnerable ...

Answered: Why do the evil always prevail?

If that was the intent of the impostor, to make me look bad and to confuse people, I don't how well it worked. Some people were confused when they got really bad poetry sent to them. Mostly everybody figured out that it was an impostor right away and I doubt many people actually got to read what ...

Answered: Who do you think at this point in time is the most ...

Tadpole-ecicous-steve fools nobody here.
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Thank you so much for the advice,i will take it to heart cause i know God will not let me down,it's just good to know we still have people of the most High thats still concern about peoples souls. THANK YOU REV WAYNE LANDRY


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How can i invite people to come to my church(for special super sunday

Memorize this phrase- "Our church is having a special program this Sunday. I would like for you to attend with me. I would be happy to give you a ride if transportation is a problem."

Finding a Church

No problem, as U know, the way in which U have already taught Ur child is the way we hope they will "Fall Back On" in times of trouble. Unfortunatly, the World has other Plans that we can only combat with Prayer & Love. U may want to enroll them in a "Daily Bread" Bible Reading that sends a small ...