why should redactic criticism be rejected when studying the bible?

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Answered: Best Study Bible

The best study Bibles that I have come accross are two in particular. The first one is found at this site: http://www.adventistbookcenter.com/Detail.tpl?sku=9780984137107 . It has maps, great concordance, egw commentaries, tables, book authorship analysis and Bible studies. I personally have this ...

Answered: What book in the bible is story of judas in

Do you mean Judas Iscariot? Betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver? Try John 13; 18-30

Answered: Study in Abroad

Yes study in abroad is very prominent in these days . Take online tutoring for more help. It will help you a lot .

Answered: Bible Study course

Call Michelle Keller at Topeka Ks at 785-233-1750 (WMCA) for the bible study (Menningers) or email her at michellek@wcatopeka-org . My mom has taught this bible study for several years and now I am going to start. Good Luck and God bless you. Michelle Z

Answered: Bible Study

if you go to amazingfacts.org or amazingdiscoveries.org you will find great Bible studies to better your relationship with the Lord
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Bible Study reference Number

I believe that GSN stands for Greek Strong's Numbers -- or, in other words, the numbers for Greek words in Strong's Concordance . For example, Strong's number 1473 for Greek words is "ego."

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Adam is a old Hebrew name / word (used yoday too) that means "man" or "person"...... It comes from the word "Adama" ( = soil [in Hebrew]) to hint that Adam was made out of soil......

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Were can I find bible study on praying ?

There is no scarcity for Bible study methods in the Internet. however, fiding the right source for Bible study is like "searching for a needle in a didgital haystack of data." I prefer http://www.bible-study.biz/ . I hope this will khelp you