why should i pay for the decal fee on personal property tax?

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Answered: I pay $40 a month for Aol. I can get e-mial service elsewhere for $0

You can get AOL for free. Why would you pay $40 for it? PT Barnum was right.

Answered: Does the Bank Have to Pay Delinquent Property Taxes?

Banks sometimes get into hassles with insurers and escrow agents. That is the risk with ANY mortgage. The ideal solution is to pay the overdue tax, then inform the escrow agent about your payment and demand a credit.

Answered: Property tax companies

Nassau and Suffolk county have some of the highest property taxes. However, you can file for a property tax grievance by using a service such as GrieveOurTaxes.com. They can help you save some of your hard earned money!

Answered: Rights of way

The right of way usually belongs to the city,or county

Answered: In search of a Bangsar property. Can you help?

For wide listings of Bangsar property , I suggest you browse through the Property Guru portal..I've recently finalised a good deal for a house that was listed on the portal..!
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What government taxes and fees are levied on purchases?

All kinds of things have additional federal taxes and/or fees added to them such as gasoline and telecommunications, Then at the state level, it varies from state to state - sales taxes on various items, gasoline tax, telecommunications, utilties (gross receipts tax), registration fees, ad valorem ...

What would happen if i didn't pay my maintenance fees to my home resort

Well, typically you will not get to use your timeshare if you will not pay the annual maintenance fee. But if you want to get rid of your timeshare safely, Transfer Smart can help you. This is a timeshare transfer company that guarantees you to get rid of your timeshare.

How to report someone for not paying personal property taxes on their

Since when do people have to pay taxes on their pets? What the hell kind of state do you live in that would do such a moronic thing?

Who does not pay tax

Who doesn't pay taxes (legally): a large number of low income seniors, a substantial number of students with low income, the unemployed, welfare recipients, prisoners, those on disability, those with low income and minor children. Also a few millionaires who lost money for the year. Then there ...