why should a law enforcement officer obtain an arrest warrant?

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Answered: What does it mean when your released from jail "to law enforcement"

The question is rather vague. Technically, there's only such a thing as 'released on your own recognizance' wherein the judge allows a person to be released from jail by signing an agreement simply to appear for trial. To be 'released onto law enforcement' implies a transfer from one jail to another ...

Answered: How long does a FHP officer has to file a ticket

Most states allow the officer anywhere up to 30 days to turn his paperwork over, but for most it is 15 days or less.

Answered: Brother got arrested for driving with suspended license and alcohol. Do

Most assuredly and DUIs are covered by Statutes which means the punishment is written in stone. You can look up DUI Statutes in your state and find out just what he faces. DUIs are not judged on the merits of the case. In other words, because of those Statutes, say it is his 3rd DUI, he ...

Answered: No on the job guidence or training?

These guys get plenty of training. If the guard didn't take it serious, he deserves to get canned.

Answered: Law enforcement officer falsify swear

Gary, Anyone can can say and swear to anything. Stop and think. Sadly, sometimes law enforcement think the are above the law. I know that for a fact.

Answered: Do local law enforcement personnel have any responsibility to enforce

It would be rather pointless trying to rob a bank these days: they are as broke as you and I.
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I have a warrant for my arrest in GA, but reside ...

I have a warrant that I wasn't aware of until a job I applied for did a background check. It's case in Fulton County GA. I moved out of the state. But now in order to get the job I applied for I have to clear up the warrant. I was given afake moneyorder. This is my 1st offense. I was told all was ...

Can new york state police come to kansas if i have a warrent for my

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A citation from a reasonable officer

I imagine it would depend upon the reason why a bench warrant was originally issued, as well as why the officer stopped you to issue a citation. If you are aware that you have a bench warrant, you might want to arrange to take care of your legal issues (fines? proof of compliance?) as soon as ...

What should i do if i think i have a warrant for my arrest in pima county

Look up the number for their Sheriff's Office on the internet and make arrangements to turn yourself in, find out the charge, amount of bail, etc...