why sex is not adviced during aadi month?

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Answered: Can we determine the accurate sex of my baby in eight month of pragancy

can you tell the sex of the baby from a sonogram if you are not a doctor?

Answered: How do I get my baby to sleep if he won't but he is tiered? He is 5

Don't worry because it's normal for a baby to be hyperactive at that age. He would sleep eventually for 12-15 hours most of the day. Just to don't forget to wrap your baby in a baby sleep sack for protection during those cold nights. It also secures your baby against SIDS.

Answered: Pleasee answerrr!!! likeee itss sorta urgentt idk Advice for her about

Grow up and get some respect for women you troll.Maybe you need a bubba

Answered: Which positions we can use while 4th nd 5th month?

try doggie style the sicissor the spoon

Answered: Sex without getting pregnate

Hi, ---------- It's an old very uneffective method. It's true that at the beginning of your cycle and towards the end the chances to get pregnant decrease (before or after the ovulation), but still possible. Better use better protection methods. This one is very NOT recommended ...
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My wife is 6 mnts pregnant we want have sex so please send me the best

Spoon,lady on man,butterfly with one leg up at a time,doggy with mild force in strokes are some suggestions from personal experience with more than one woman

My wife is 6 mnts pregnant we want have sex so please send me the best

What Are The Best Sexual Positions During Pregnancy? Sex during pregnancy can be a complicated thing. There a variety of mental and emotional factors that go into it, such as increased or decreased libido, fears of hurting the baby, and issues of body image and self-consciousness. In addition ...

Are there any men thatd like to wait for a woman ...

I totally agree with you !. Most men won't wait but many will wait. If I was your partner I would wait as much as needed. You are a brave woman, with high morals and sure knows what you want. G-d bless.

How to get your step brother to have sex with you and you are gay

Why would you want to have sex with someone who isn't gay?