why refrigerator stop getting cold?

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Answered: Anyone know where I can get a side by side refrigerator that is 33wide

I'd recommend going to a place that sells appliances for motor homes.

Answered: How do you stop booting wh

If your computer keeps rebooting by itself, it may be overheating. That could be due to a failure of the CPU fan, which is not hard to replace. You may want to download a program like Everest computer diagnostics to check CPU temperature, and perhaps it will report fan speed.

Answered: What is the best way of getting rid of cold sores?

TREATMENTS FOR COLD SORES : Peppermint oil – it has been discovered the essential oil of peppermint has been found to sink into the skin and helps heal the virus . Peppermint oil is absorbed through the skin, so that even small amounts can be toxic and should never be ingested. Take daily ...

Answered: How cold is the temp in a amana refrigerator?

Most refrigerators are set to keep food at around 37 degrees F, and the freezer is set to around 0 degrees F. But there is some adjustment possible. The Amana with digital controls will adjust from 33 to 41 F.

Answered: Refrigerator door drips Cold water dispenser?

Refrigerator door drips Cold water dispenser ?
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LU-960M (K) intelligent program PID regulator 1. Brief Introduction LU-960M (K) may set for 20 to 200 segments program control curves, suit for temperature rise/fall program control systems which need high precession multi segments curve. It has the function of relay control, manual/auto ...