why purchase a leisure temp 111 pool heater?

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Answered: Leading brands of electric pool heaters?

There are several great brands of pool heaters available. You should look into Jandy Legacy, Jandy XLI, and Sta-Rite MaxETherm. I think that those are going to be your best options.

Answered: I came across a Hayward Pool Heater # H1001D1 ...

Try this website. They sell pool heaters at competitive prices so you can do some research about them.

Answered: Can you vacuum pool with gas heater on

You can use your automatic pool cleaner with your heater turned on, assuming that the pool cleaner does not operate off the same return line as the heater. In fact, the cleaner might help to circulate the warm water.

Answered: Solar pool heater - How to control water temperature

Solar pool heaters work (basically) in this way. Using the pool's pump, water is pumped through the solar collector. The water is heated as it passes through the collector. The heated water is returned to the pool through its return lines. You can read more about solar heating for pools here .

Answered: I have a hayward 250 electronic pool heater. Today ...

It is possible that your board went out. It could also just be a short. This is probably very easy to correct. It happens with these pool heaters pretty often. Get a Hayward certified technician to check it out for you.
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I have a hayward H1001D1 above ground pool heater ...

Is it still working? If it is not heating, you are going to have to have a technician look at it. Make sure that you get someone trained and certified by Hayward. If the heater is several years old, it might be time to consider looking into new pool heaters .

Service and repair manual for Raypak pool heater

Backyard City, an online company that sells pool heaters , has users manual for many models online. I would try there.

Thrid burner on my heater keeps going out and shuting the heater off

If it's a heater that runs on LP gas, or Natural gas, the two most likely causes are a partially blocked orifice, or the gas pressure is too low to supply adequate fuel to three burners. Another problem might be a faulty supply valve, the one you turn to light one, two, or three burners. Check to ...

Gas control dial on water heater tank got wet and will not turn

If the control got wet, then you have a leaky tank. It is time to replace the heater.