why my zebra finches are dying?

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Answered: Feeding baby zebra finches

can u feed baby finches any kind of baby bird formula

Answered: Why do male zebra finch pluck females

they do this when they want to mate

Answered: Moving finch eggs

I was told that you CAN move finch eggs, however you MUST place them in the new nest EXACTLY as they were in the old nest.

Answered: My finch keeps eating her eggs, and i found out ...

Give the bird calcium pills so she doesn't keep eating her eggs.

Answered: Zebra Swimsuits

I would recommend checking out EliteFashionSwimwear for SEXY zebra print swimsuits . The store has several swimsuits in animal print.
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It depends on what the bird had,but you should watch the others very careful.

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Thanks for the helpful answers