why my galaxy s3 will not sync my email?

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Answered: How do I sync my aol mail folders to my email on my mobile smart

Hi Don: Unfortunately, the feature you are requesting is not available.

Answered: Sync email with smart phone

Hi Boyce: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. How do I set up my Android phone’s email application to send and receive AOL mail?

Answered: Sync email from Gmail and AOL

Why wont my Facebook page come up when I get a message in AOL to view a post? When I go into Facebook the page is blank... I have to loog out and relog into Internet Explorere to read the posting and to see my account... What is the problem? Doesnt facebook support AOL anymore?

Answered: Where can i find wireless charger for my Samsung galaxy s3?

You can search it on Samsung mobile show room.Maybe they can help you.Or you can search it on any big market.Or search it on online shop like amazon or Ebay.I am suggesting you a online wireless charger shop link.Try it http://www.choetech.com/samsung-galaxy-s3-wireless-charger-kit/

Answered: Why incoming email not listed??

This is typically due to following root causes: Your mail server configuration is incorrect. Incorrect configuration of the message filtering service. MIX records configured incorrectly. Loss of connectivity to or from your mail server. Concerns Microsoft Certified Experts At (US&Canada) 1 ...
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Sync e-mail w/android smartphone

They did it for me at the store so I can't explain how to do it, just saying they will do it for you.

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You will actually do this through the settings of the other account - to which you want your mail forwarded.