Why might teachers find it difficult to put Redl's and Wattenberg's approach into practice in today's classrooms Explain.?

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I know that I have posted this before, but I like it.

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Teaching is one of those highly rated and exciting professions. The point of teaching is making people understand the importance of lifelong learning. The job of a teacher is not limited to teaching curriculum. Teaching is an art, not a science; like an artist, a teacher is always learning to ...

Answered: Classroom Materials

Not necessarily. Every school has its own standards and methods. If you want to introduce something unique, I think, nobody should object it.

Answered: Do you think it's ok for students to eat in a classroom when the teacher

No,because u wont concentrate on what teacher said if u r eating!And if the food is nice,u can't stop eating!

Answered: Chastity,obedience and poverty

who if anyone does the world believe is the best watercolor artist alive today?

Answered: Should Parents Decide on Teachers' Bonus?

No. I wouldn't want my pay check left to others. Many don't know whats involved and what it's worth.
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