why men stay with cheating wives?

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Answered: Why do wives cheat on husbands with old boyfriends

Wow... Closure, Sex, Payback, make sure feelings are not there. For me it was the Sex part, My current partner was unable to satisfy me in the way my EX did. After a few times, months apart I woke up and realize that my EX had not changed and the sex became as ugly as he was. Again Closure and ...

Answered: Coleman furnaces the blower stays on after the heat kicks off

Balrog has answered the question very briefly. Thank you! Many people face the variety of problem with furnace. Every problem need to deal differently. Hence, it is good to get help from HVAC professionals and contractor.

Answered: **Men please respond** why do you cheat? Wouldn ...

well either you as a couple if u arnt into him as much as hes into u shits gonna happen their hun but also both men and women like new things the best thing wit a guy is to keep ur marriage or relationship fun and exciting and just on the same page like try new things try tlking more try to do ...

Answered: What is it with some people and they stay in a ...

It's called co-dependency. There are hundreds of books written about the subject.

Answered: What do you do when a man continues to cheat on ...

Hi, It's time to leave the man. He'll never change. Find a nice trustworthy man. Take care

Answered: What are the foods for Sexless life to men?

foods that are full of protein and whole grains. here is a good post full of informations about this topic http://www.how-to-lose-man-boobs.com/gynecomastia/foods-hide-man-boobs/ . There are also a few foods you should avoid when you are trying to get good sexuel life. Some foods are high in ...
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I think that you need to ask your fiance about it. He 's the only one who can tell you honestly.

She Broke My Heart And Now She Is Back Should I Stay Or Leave Or Get

Hi, Your story is very touchy. You are in a BIG dilema. It's clear that you love her madly. It's clear that you were deeply hurt and insulted. And it's clear that she was very unfair to you. So you have to ask yourself: Can I forgive her and return to her ? (and that means never talk about it ...

Why do strait men have gay sex

If they are having sex with other men, they are most certainly not straight.