why juveniles are not extended the right to a jury fo their peers?

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Answered: What happens if i already got a postponement For jury duty and now i am

If you are sick, you need to call in. They can grant another postponement for good cause. They might require a doctor's note.

Answered: Jury duty

Generally you only have to serve jury duty in the county where you live. If you own property in another county and claim a homeowner's exemption, then you are telling them you live there.

Answered: I have been summoned for jury duty next week. This ...

Yes, its more than a notion to do jury duty. If you can justify a medical condition see your doctor about it, he will be glad to assist you with this. As my Dr helped me.

Answered: Do you receive a payment for each day of jury duty that you serve? Does

I think all states pay some minimal amount for jury service. It can be as little as $4 or $5 for a day, in some states. California State law does not require employers to compensate employees who are absent because of jury service. Many employers do, however, have jury-leave policies that provide ...

Answered: How much will it cost to extend a room addition

If you would like an estimate from us and not a local contractor, you will need to supply some info. Size of the addition. Exterior door? What type? How will it tie into the roof? Guttering? Drainage for the guttering? Windows? What size and how many? Electric? Plumbing? Ceiling fans? Walls painted ...

Answered: How does a person who has contracted Juvenile ...

Peter, generally SSI Disability is paid to those who are unable to work due to a disability. If you are currently working I would not recommend trying to apply for SSI as you will be denied benefits. If you are able to sit or stand for long periods of time, are mentally stable and able to ...
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What if your boss gets jury duty,,how does employees get paid for lost

No, employer does not have to pay you whilst you are on jury service. But they can claim for travel and food expenses and for loss of earnings from the court. http://www.magnals.com

How accurate are jury consultants?

They are accurate. Jury consultants can assess the case and to discover its primary juror -defined issues; to help plan the case presentation. court reporting services

How to write a plea of leniency to Juvenile Judge ...

I know it hurts when someone we love is faced with incarceration, however these are the challenges we must face on a daily basis that make us stronger. He will probably be offered a plea bargain in this matter. His attorney will advise him if it is the best deal or not. Sometimes the first offer isn ...

Juvenile Records facts or opinions?

I thought mine was gone, but at age 56, discovered it had not been removed after probation. Now to get rid of it, i have to schedule it back in my home state, and show up in person, to request it be expunged!! Like i have the time and money for that!