why it might be extremely risky for pregnant women to expose themselves to mutagens (things that cause mutations) during pregnancy. How can we determine a safe level of exposure?

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Answered: What causes the strange cravings women experience when pregnant?

Hi Suzy :) This website will explain why you get unusual cravings, and what you can do to help them: http://www.womenshealthcaretopics.com/preg_food_cravings.htm

Answered: I have a friend that has been trying to get pregnant for a year now and

It's best to have intercourse the day of the LH surge and the two days after. http://www.womensfootyusa.com/

Answered: Is a radon level of 50 in water safe?

Water systems already at or below 300 pCi/L are not usually required to treat their water for radon. Take a look here Radon Solution

Answered: How common is hair loss during pregnancy and what causes it to occur

While some women experience healthier than normal hair during their pregnancy, there are those who suffer from hair loss. While pregnancy related hair loss is most likely the result of fluctuating hormone levels and is completely normal, it can be embarrassing condition and stressful for a woman ...

Answered: I had preeclampsia with my first pregnancy and my ...

there was a video on Pregnancy.org, about nutrition and they said pre-eclampsia is caused by lack of magnesium in your body and they also said eating green leafy veggies (having magnesium in them) can help reduce the chances of pre-eclampsia.

Answered: Can women have longer pregnancy?

Yes they can and it is not always due to not counting the days correctly or what have you. Lots of times the child is just not ready or the mother just does not have contractions for some reason or another. Usually ends with doctors decision as to how long one waits according to his thoughts on ...
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What causes back pain during pegnancy and what are the soultions for

Your body is changing to accommodate the growing baby inside your womb. It is common for a pregnant woman to feel body pains. But it is important to tell your doctor what you are experiencing. If you want an alternative way to alleviate body pains, try using a semi-firm mattress. It provides better ...

How can i find women who want to be tied up gagged

Sign up for ChristianSingles.com. Some of them might even let you nail them to a cross.

In taking pregnancy yoga classes should it have ...

Pregnancy yoga is a complete way to ensure a fit pregnancy. Yes. There are specially designed Yoga classes are available. Consult your doctor before practicing it. Rather doing while pregnant, do Kundalini Yoga regularly for good health and mind.

Why i cant get pregnant?

You can learn how to identify your ovulation cycles, but if you have been trying for 2 years I bet you already do that I think the two of you should see a futility specialist. Sometimes the problem is not with one person in the couple but the combination of both. It might be that a small problem in ...