why isn't chikezie solomon ananaba not in jail, i thought he got 5 years in prison, why is he still home?

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Answered: Will Lindsay Lohan learn from her jail sentence?

I hope she learns from it and afterwards gets more help because she is wasting her talent.

Answered: What are the difference between jail and prison?

Rock doesn't know what he's talking about. JAILS are for unsentenced offenders AND people serving up to one year incarceration. PRISON is for over a year incarceration

Answered: Your view on Supreme Court decision to cut California prison

No place to go, the Rose Garden is Lovely this time of the year.. Sweet G 6/1

Answered: Prison vs. jail

jail- if you do not get bonded out, it is the place you stay while you wait for your court date prison- you have been to court, and are sentenced for how may years, this is the place you are confined

Answered: Are there prisons anywhere that have bidets?

Is THAT why our government is pushing those high fiber diets?

Answered: Lilo's Out of Jail

Lilo's Out of Jail on AOL Answers. She has an addiction, that is hard to kick, the Girl needs Rehab, and it will take awhile, and compassion, more than a prison. Sweet G
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Is there a link between being a rapper and going to prison? No offense

I think its a matter of 'what comes first the chicken or the egg?'. Do people who become rap artists have a more violent personality or does becoming a rap artist make you more violent? This is a tough question that I think is too hard to conduct meaningful research on. It's true though, we do see ...

What does t.r.u and other initials stand for

W.S.R.U. is Washington State Reformatory Unit. S.O.U is Special Offender Unit (mental illness). T.R.U. is Twin Rivers Unit. M.S.U. is Minimum Security Unit. I.M.U. is Intensive Management Unit.

How can i find out if allen brown is still in federal prison for free?

The Bureau of Prisons web page has a search http://www.bop.gov/iloc2/LocateInmate.jsp