why is there no reloading powder?

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Answered: What kind of hercules gun powder can I use on rifles

There isn't any "one size fits all" gun powder for rifles, shotguns, or pistols. Your best bet is to go to a sporting goods store that sells reloading supplies and pick up a reloading guide for the caliber rifle you want to reload for. Some powder manufacturers supply a small reloading guide free ...

Answered: Reloading Ammo

check www.reloadersnest.com they my have some info.

Answered: What is a powder measure?

A powder measure is a device used in reloading firearm cartridges. It is a precision instrument that mounts to a reloading press or table top that is micrometer adjusted to dump a pre-measured amount of gunpowder into a cartridge case. It is accurate and fast. It eliminates the need to ...

Answered: Reloading data for a 38-55 black powder ctg.

I have a Winchester model 1894 made in 1920 and I use a Lyman Cast bullet # 375248 249 grain #2 alloy sized to .379" with 50 grains of goex ffg black powder this load is mild enough for the old Winchester. It will give you about 1300 feet per second its accurate and powerful enough for deer or black ...

Answered: What is a good statistics reload for a Jap Arisaka Type 38 6.5

Here is some specs for your rifle. 6.5 mm Japanese or 6.5x50mm Japanese Arisaka The cartridge was introduced by the Japanese military in 1897 and remained in service during World War II. Surplus Ammo - Difficult to find. Ballistics Reloading Dies are made by RCBS and Lee Precision ...

Answered: Powder liquor

Try to google it.
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I have no idea what this is. Sorry!

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Powdered buttermilk

I buy my buttermilk powder from the Firehouse Pantry . They sell it by the pound. Get some and share so they know what you're taking about. The even have a coupon code to save 10% off your order 10OFF


The white powder is the same product used in humidity beads and other new types of non-standard humidifiers. It is a synthetic chemical used to release humidity at 70%. If it's free then take it and use it. Otherwise don't spend your money. You're better off using humidor solution once every 3 ...