why is there more than one etiology of addiction?

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Answered: List of Addiction and Recovery publications

I think the best help an addict can have must come from addiction treatment centers .

Answered: Is game addiction related to gambling addiction?

They are related in many ways. Playing online casino games and online games are extremely addictive.

Answered: How to start a three quarter addiction house

You must have a place where that will be converted into drug addiction treatment centers .

Answered: Employment opportunities for impaired nurses ...

Impairment should not be a reason your job hunting. Employers are required to accommodate applicants with disabilities. Failure to accommodate for disability may land them to unwanted circumstances.

Answered: Since addictions can be caused by the release of ...

Hello IndependentThinker, You forgot to mention the other major player serotonin; a hormone that also effects mood. Unfortunately the answer to your question is no, if there was something like that there just wouldn't be as many active addicts as there are now. And the rate has been climbing ...

Answered: How many smokes will it take for me to get addicted?

Its depend upon your wisdom ,how much can you control on your self. if you can then 100 in a day not enough if you can not then one is enough. Drug Rehab | Alcohol Rehab
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How does one have an alcoholic committed to a rehab facility against his

Hi OUB... The regulations vary by state, but in general, to be involuntarily committed a person needs to present with an imminent (and provable based on recent actions) danger to themselves or others, or through their neglect of basic necessities (that cannot or are not being met by family) be ...

Teen sex addict

Hi mrbrmw, there are various genuine sex addiction treatment resources online. I know one with a 24 hour helpline (800-714-8354) where you can seek professional help. Good luck!

Which term is used the most often, etiologic or etiological ?

both are commonly used but etiologic has it's own entry in my unabridged Oxford Dictionary and etiological is noted within the entry for etiologic

Drug addiction chats

Are you wondering about ones where they are trying to stay sober or one where they are currently using?