why is the Caspian sea important?

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Answered: Evidence of iran surface ship launch of ballistic missile from caspian

As always, Iran is a day late and a tactic short. They test-fired a missile from the Kalar on the Caspian Sea on 25 February 2013, which apparently suffered two problems immediately after launch, sending the missile back toward the ship that launched it, and when it struck the hull, it failed to ...

Answered: Spy-Adventure Movie set in USSR in the 1960's or 1970's.

Sounds like a Bond movie but you can always check out the adventure movie list.

Answered: Are sea and air drones the future of the military?

Only if you don't mind your military being rendered useless once the other guy shoots down/disables the satellites that control your drones.

Answered: In one single word: What is Sea to you ?

For me Sea indicates depthness and represent the good feeling and a lots of peace which you can enjoy

Answered: Sea

Sea water is salty because of weathering. In this process the rainwater passes through riverbed rocks and dissolves some salts and minerals which is carried to the sea leaving the sea water salty over time.
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