why is swoosie kurtz so thin?

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Answered: Has Fox News Channel established more credibility ...

Fox news is unimpeachable, unlike Obama bin Laden, and all the rest of those cross burning racist criminal Democrats. What a pity all Democrats are wannabe Klansmen and Panthers. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Answered: In White House Vs. Fox News War Of Words, Who Gets Your Vote? (NPR

NPR Ends Juan Williams' Contract After Muslim Remarks... ...made on FOXNEWS Williams: Fired For Being A 'Bigot'... National Politically-correct Radio... Huckabee calls on Congress to cut NPR funding... FLASHBACK: Soros give NPR $1.8M to hire 100 reporters...

Answered: Who Is Bill Ayers?

He is one of Obama's American traitors.

Answered: ISAC Congress-Purdue University Cytometry Mail ...

RE: commercial announcements From: Dr. Robert Ashcroft (cytomat@netcore.com.au ) Date: Tue Jan 05 1999 - 02:04:46 EST Next message: Cheryl Hardy: "viability" Previous message: Nick Acquarola: "MoAb against IgM Fab" Maybe in reply to: Bill Throndset: "commercial announcements" Messages ...
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