why is phosphatidyl choline polar?

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Answered: Choline Fenofibrate is there a generic brand for Trlipix

I didn't find a generic equivalent for choline fenofibrate (Trilipix, also Fibricor). You could phone your pharmacist. There is a generic fenofibrate, which is similar. You could ask your doctor about the differences. There might be different drug interactions, different side effects, or ...

Answered: Polar bear come in peace

These are polar bears, but what is your question about them?

Answered: Polar plunge

You're welcome. There is no shame in not being stupid and just watching from the sidelines. Pick a spot to watch from by the ambulance, and maybe you will get a chance to overhear the attendants reminesce about other polar plunge disasters. Here is a quote from an article: Tim MacGuire, 25, of ...

Answered: Polar bears

Hi Tammy, --------- It is difficult to estimate a global population of polar bears as much of the range has been poorly studied, however biologists use a working estimate of about 20,000-25,000 polar bears worldwide. --------- Best regards,

Answered: Polar express light up shirt -- one was sold on ebay recently and i lost

I got my son one on clearance at WalMart for $3 last year. I tried to get my older son one this year on ebay and was outbid at $16.50. I would love to know where to get one as well!

Answered: Bi-polar mania

You must take your husband to a psychiatrist or out-patient psychiatric clinic immediateky. There are medicatiions to control this illness but they may take some time to take effect. That is why you should do it ASAP.
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Bi-polar meds

I find it fitting that you made a typo in your question, saying Tears instead of Years. There can be a lot of tears during this time. You have probably learned that it can take a doctor a decade or more to find just the right meds, or even diagnosis, for a loved one. When they cycle up (or down) it ...

A garment stained with a substance that is made of non-polar molecules

Remember "like dissolves like" so you must provide a detergent which will attach the molecule and emulsify it so that it can be removed. Most detergents today provide the organic molecules that will emulsify the non-polar materials such as grease and oil and allow them to be lifted from the surface ...

Should Knut the Polar Bear move?

he's welcome as my neighbor

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From reading a little about polar bear watching, it looks really awesome and special. I found a really great site that tells all about polar bears, about polar bear watching, and about prices for trips. I would check it out. I think it might answer a lot of your questions. If you do decide to ...