why is phosphatidyl choline polar?

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Answered: Difference between normal sunglasses and polarized sunglasses?

If you weren't such a scum sucking, good for nothing spammer, I would consider telling you. But, you don't want to know. So I won't.

Answered: What size screws on a Polar FT2 heart rate watch

Eddie- I doubt seriously that anyone is going to know this right off of the cuff. You would have a much better chance at contacting the manufacturer.

Answered: Polar bear come in peace

These are polar bears, but what is your question about them?

Answered: Polar plunge

You're welcome. There is no shame in not being stupid and just watching from the sidelines. Pick a spot to watch from by the ambulance, and maybe you will get a chance to overhear the attendants reminesce about other polar plunge disasters. Here is a quote from an article: Tim MacGuire, 25, of ...

Answered: Choline Fenofibrate is there a generic brand for Trlipix

I didn't find a generic equivalent for choline fenofibrate (Trilipix, also Fibricor). You could phone your pharmacist. There is a generic fenofibrate, which is similar. You could ask your doctor about the differences. There might be different drug interactions, different side effects, or ...

Answered: Polar bears

Hi Tammy, --------- It is difficult to estimate a global population of polar bears as much of the range has been poorly studied, however biologists use a working estimate of about 20,000-25,000 polar bears worldwide. --------- Best regards,
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Polar Bear Plunge

Scroll Down date and time http://www.comewrightinn.com/reservations-rates/specials.asp

What would happen if the polar ice caps would all melt?

Hi, The 2 main problems: 1. Water level will rise (very much). Many cities will be flooded, lots of agriculture land will remain under water. Shortage of food. 2. Many animals will loose their habitats (white bear, seals, many artic birds, ...... just few to mention). We must ...

When is the next polar vortex?

There is a polar vortex now. But I think you want to know when the polar vortex will again extend into the US causing record cold. It has happened before; no one knows when it will happen again.

Bi-polar meds

I find it fitting that you made a typo in your question, saying Tears instead of Years. There can be a lot of tears during this time. You have probably learned that it can take a doctor a decade or more to find just the right meds, or even diagnosis, for a loved one. When they cycle up (or down) it ...