Why is one of the qualifying factors for a third party payer to cover bariatric surgery is an extensive psychological examination?

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Answered: After bariatric surgery I can't throw up anymore? Do any one knows

And one thing that concerns me about your question is this: It makes me wonder if you are bulimic or are developing a tendency to bulimia. If you are trying to cause yourself to vomit, please don't.

Answered: My lap band surgery is scheduled on 25th of next ...

Elden, That guy doesn't look like he needs any lap band surgery. He is just here for free advertising. Judy Sparky's Mom

Answered: I have only lost 12 lbs since my bariatric bypass surgery (Rou-N-Y) three

4 pounds a week is very good. I would be happy but actually I think that is too quick. You are not supposed to lose too much at once. That comes out to 160 pounds in 1 year. Just keep eating right and exercising right. I do not think you reached a plateau, It could be just lost energy. - www ...

Answered: Bariatric surgery statistics

Your doctor should be able to tell you that. Kaiser keeps it's own records and not others.

Answered: 7 people will get one third each of $70,000. How much will each person

If there is an inheritance of $70,000.00 and 7 heirs, then each gets $1,000.00 and the attorney deducts $9,000.00 each for his services.

Answered: Exotic animals for children parties in sacramento

How about exotic cobra snakes for fun at parties, so the kids can play "snake charming"?
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