why is nevada in the west and not midwest?

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Answered: Could Nevada Support Barack Obama?

Bitter people side with Obama, because his racist preacher is the bitterest fraud in American history. Fools side with fools, and smart people think everything all the way through. That is why smart people sided with Romney. Maybe the criminal element wants Obhma in office, because of his ...

Answered: Pre-moveout inspection law for a tenant in Nevada

The Judge Says: There exist no stabilized policies or rent control measures in the state of Nevada. Another aspect related to limit on collection of application fee and late fee too is vague; there exist no precincts here as well. However, in general terms both (application and late fee ...

Answered: DBA filing state of Nevada

I can't say about Nevada, but in my state (Michigan) DBAs are issued by the county, not the state. Trying to get that information from the state would be difficult online. I tried for Nevada, and while they require DBAs, they don't seem to say where to get them. Check your county website is all I ...

Answered: Nevada Governor Recognizes Obama's Change For What It Really Is?

There's no two ways about it. Obummer is a scumbag. What's now in the works is "Free Flow of Information Act of 2009, HR 985". Actually, it is the OPPOSITE of free flow of information, typical for this guy who said he'd be the "transparency" president but just the opposite. It makes a law so that ...
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