why is my vicks vaporizer spitting water instead of steaming?

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Answered: difference between steam and water vapor

Steam is merely water vapour at a temperature equal to or greater than the boiling point. We cannot see water vapour; for the same reason, we cannot see steam. When water is heated in a vessel with a nozzle, a cloud forms as the hot water vapour issuing from the nozzle mixes with the colder ...

Answered: Steam Vaporizers

You can buy steam vaporizer at Amazon.com . I like the Vicks vaporizer.

Answered: Vicks vapor rub

No it has not been removed, still a good product.

Answered: MARK TEN e-vapor cigerettes

Well Mrs Eve Mask I think you must search for online e-vapor cigarette stores in your country. I know a online store as vaporizzy.com where you may get your e-vapor cigarette. Try it.

Answered: Vicks Cool Mist Vaporizer

A cool mist vaporizer is a small electronic machine that consists of a water reservoir, a disk/drum and a spout that emits the water vapor created by the spinning disk into the room. Unlike a steam vaporizer, the water is not heated before being dispersed into the room. This makes a cool mist ...

Answered: Vicks Vaporizer Clogged

Just a thought, have you changed the filter?
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