why is my homemade yogurt curdled?

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Answered: How do you make raw milk yogurt and kefir, cheese, cottage cheese etc.

Have you found the answer to this? Interested to know myself. We have a dairy farm and are currently going through the testing to get a permit to sell raw milk, we would like to get into yogurt.

Answered: Candy on carryon

I don't think there will be problem but you should get it check.

Answered: Why does my homemade yogurt taste chalky

Tell me about the milk, the containers, the starter, and the details of the procedure.

Answered: What can be done with a curdled outcome

Use it as a sour cream substitute.

Answered: Homemade laundry detergent in an H.E. machine????

Hi Kim, I have no experience with H.E. machines, but several commentors have noted that they use homemade laundry detergents with no problem.

Answered: Why are live bacteria good for you, like yogurt?

They boost your immune system, provide extra calcium and lead to a longer, healthier life.
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