why is my dewalt miter saw blade spinning backwards?

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Answered: Sears companion miter saw where can i get a lockhandle for my 10in saw

I also have a sears companion compound miter saw. tried ordering one through sears parts, thay toke my money and I waited for 4 weeks. then seen a post that said the company that maid the saw whet out of under. called sears and they returned my money. I thanked them for not letting me no there wasn ...

Answered: Lost miter gauge

If it's an American made saw, with a standard 3/4" miter slot, you can find a miter gauge at www.rockler.com Rick http://www.table-saw-guide.com

Answered: Where can I buy a replacement blade for a stanley 20-800 miter saw part

Ralph- I am guessing here. Most miter and table saws use either a 10" or 12" blade. The arbor is fairly standard. I think that if you took the blade off and went to HD, Lowe's, Sears, Ace, etc., that you would have no problem finding a replacement. JayR

Answered: How to put blade gaurd back on dewalt miter saw dw718

Call Dewalt service dep't at 800-433-9258

Answered: Info on dewalt miter saw model 705 type 6 any info would be great

It is a single bevel miter saw. The common miter angles lock in. I started out with a single bevel miter, but I would only use one in a pinch. Such a model would not be worth much to me except to buy for $20.00 and resell.

Answered: Www.RyobiTools.com I need directions!

http://powertool.manualsonline.com/manuals/mfg/ryobi/ryobi_saw_product_list.html Click on the dialog box on the left that ways "All Models". Scroll down to your M#. Download the manual. Jay
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It will if your table saw is 120 volt. Rick http://www.table-saw-guide.com

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What is the minimum size saw blade for 10" ridgid r4516 table saw?

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