why is my concrete slab turning white and crumbling?

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You can google this information.

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thank you. everyone has been most kind to answer

Answered: Material for Expansion Joints in Slab

Dixie's answer is good. I would add - be sure to clean out all the material in the joints then use a cilicone in the bottom of the joint to help seal the bottom thsn install the new material. you might need to lubricate the material when installing it. hope this helps ot

Answered: How do you figure how much concrete you will need ...

leangth x width x height in feet then divide by 27 to give you cubic yards. Example 4' x 8' x .34 ( 4 inches ) equals .40 yards If cubic feet is all you require omit the divide by 27part. 1 cubic yard covers 81 sqare feet at 4 inches thick.
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