why is my "check engine" light on in my 2007 "Buick Lucerne"?

why is my "check engine" light on in my 2007 "Buick Lucerne"?

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Answered: Check Engine light....

Usually that is an O2 sensor in your exhaust. It is telling you that your fuel injection is not giving your machine enough fuel.

Answered: Check engine light is on?

This usually means that something is wrong with your car. It could be anything from a loose gas cap, spark plugs and wires that need replacing or any number of things. best bet is to take it to a local trusted mechanic and have the car looked at.

Answered: 1997 toyota 4runner engine vacuum leak check

In any 17 year old car, count on gaskets leaking. In tis case, you probably have a small but detrimental vacuum leak in the fuel or vacuum-operated components. It may be time for a factory diagnosis and then a rebuild.

Answered: Disable Mercury 'check engine' light?

try disconect the battery for about 10 min if that dont work remove the bulb

Answered: Check Engine Light Issue -- PO161 for Jeep Grand Cherokee

it's not that serious actually, but it's better to check the o2 sensor for sure, and replace the jeep parts just to make sure, and it will not cost much if you ask me.

Answered: My check engine light

you will need to reset it, the check engine light is still on because its a hard code that can only be shut off by reseting.
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Madame Z, any idea what she's asking?

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maybe the gas cap of your "check engine" auto light is loose. The first thing you do, try to tight your gas cap first. After a while, the light will turn off but the trouble code will remain in memory.

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You have to connect a code reader to the truck. If there is an Advance Auto Parts store where you live, they will do it for you.

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if the sound is grinding or scraping and the pads are semi-metalic or metalic it may be normal. if the sound is pulsating (hammering) that is caused by the anti-lock system and is normal. a single clunk or bang could caused by rear brake shoes (if the car has drum brakes on the rear) that need to ...