Why is my car making a grinding noise when i accelerate?

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Answered: What is the fastest car?

Hennessey Venom GT went 270 mph, faster than Bugatti Veyron SuperSport at 269. But Guinness says Bugatti is a production car and Hennessey isn't. Then there are the land speed records, currently 763 mph (supersonic on land) with jet or rocket vehicles.

Answered: What are the best car for bad backs

Just about all Over-The-Road trucks have fully adjustable air ride seats. Kenworth, Freightliner, IHC, GMC, and Ford Commercial, all have them. The thing is, you need the roomy cab of an 18 wheeler to use these seats, but they will keep you alert for a full eight hour shift, you won't be ...

Answered: Car shaking and noise

Are you sure it wasn't you? Didn't you have a extra bowl of that 3-bean, 5-alarm chili for lunch?

Answered: What cars have a 325 gear in them (Fords stock only)

I don't know what cars came with them but the Ford 9 inch was the most popular rear end for most race cars, of all makes, for the very reason it was strong and came with many sets of ratio's.
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Need to know what is causing 2007 Subaru Forester ...Noise

i work in the auto parts field i am not a mechanic it sounds like it could be a sensor of some sort,possibly something up in the dash if it is inside where the noise is coming from.

When ever I make a turn with my car there is a strange noise? What is it

I'm taking to dealership 11/2/11 and will post my result by 11/3/11