why is my betta's tail looking ragged?

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Answered: I would love to have a tank of bettas. Is there a ...

You need to put partitions up in your aquarium. You will need a big aquarium depending upon how many you want to display. Males can not get to eat other or they fight to the death. Get partitions that have the small holes in the partians as the glass will interfere with the filtration.

Answered: I want to move from sea level to 7200' elevation. will my betta be

You won't have any problems at all. Your crowntail betta won't have any issues with the elevation. CTLover | www.crowntailbetta.net

Answered: Betta Fish Care?

betta fish are very good and colorful fish.When you buy it make sure it is swimming , not lieing on the bottom of the container( they will still be alive) to take care of it, all you need is a bowl, and yes they are okay without light. just dont overfeed them or put them with other fish or other ...

Answered: I remember my mom having a Betta fish in a clear ...

Betta in a Vase consists of a large vase with some marbles in the bottom, a peace lily plant, and a Betta Fish. 1. You must feed Betta! They will only eat roots out of desperation. 2. The tray at the top with marbles keeps Betta from getting air. Many of my friends who have Betta in ...

Answered: Is it true that mane and tail horse shampoo is ...

My mom always got mane and tail and as I understood it it was really for people but it was safe enough to use on our house pet for a bath

Answered: Why do so many poops look like tails?

my dog has poop tail when he takes a dump and its or , i wont let him back inside until he looses it
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