why is my aloe plant laying down?

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Answered: Repotting an aloe plant

You will definitely need a large pot to plant your aloe vera plant.

Answered: Would anyone like to share their uses of aloe vera plant?

I've used aloe vera gelly from the plant to treat scars as well. It is very good at healing skin problems. Hope this helps. Daniel.

Answered: What Are Examples of Perennial Plants?

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Answered: Aloe vera plant usage?

I agree, using aloe vera gelly directly from the plant will ease skin irritation.

Answered: Aloe Vera tea

the aerial part

Answered: How to divide Perennial Plant?

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Help, Is my Aloe Vera plant sick?

This sounds like mealy bugs. Spray the plant and the soil with a solution of dish washing liquid and water. I would not use bleach as it is poisonous to plants and can kill them. An hour after applying the soap, wash it off with a strong spray of water. This should kill the mealy bugs and knock ...

Where can i buy an aloe vera plant here in woodbridge, va.

try online: http://www.botanicalgrowers.com/miva/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=BGN&Product_Code=ALE-VER

My aloe plant is turning brown and the leves are limp what did i do wrong

If you are watering your aloe vera plant too much stop it asap as this kills the aloe plant which in turn turns the plant brown.

Does aloe vera come in a liquid form that you can drink?

Hi Yes it does, I have been drinking aloe for over 16 years! The one I take is by Forever as they stabilize their aloe so you know it isn't then contaminated by bacteria when you use it! My favorite is the aloe berry nectar as it has a sweeter taste than the plain one. I keep it in the fridge once ...