why is mike and ike fighting?

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Answered: What do i say when i win a fight

In all seriousness, it's unwise to take joy in the defeat of others.

Answered: What can I do if I get attacked by a customer and I fight back to defend

I’m not sure what you mean by, “what can I do” The only thing that I can say is simply keep the person from hurting you. Don’t over do it like the police, just keep them from hurting you.

Answered: Who is the white guy playing guitar in ike turner's band for a fool in

Are you sure it's a white guy. The only guitar player I know of for Ike was Joe Louis Walker. You see, Ike was a great guitarist himself. And also credited with recording the very first true rock and roll song Rocket 88. He usually played guitar himself with his band Kings of Rhythm. He was at Sun ...

Answered: Calvin Borel in Breeders' Cup Fight

Borel is a fierce competitor , smart jockey , good guy who loves horses and a great horseman . I am not surprised at all that he went after Castellano . Castellano is also a competitor . However,the move he made was stupid , dangerous and it showed poor judgement on his behave . He ...

Answered: Mike Rendino

Mike Rendino is running for the state assembly in New York.
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Why hasn't Mikey used his David Palmer Jr. account in 2 years?

GIVE IT A BREAK-----Our government dependent friend the leftist Muslim Atheist poster has started posting at 1 PM est under his alias Bill J. He has posted several stalking questions under Lenore, Tadpole and anonymous. He also has posted numerous cartoons. It appears he is in for another long day ...

Did the chef Ike Koutrakos who works at Arabella go to West HEmpstead

Gee -- I really don't know. But if I wanted to find out, I'd either call up the high school, (ALL high schools are proud of their famous graduates!), look up, ("google"), the chef's name on the internet, or go to "Wikipedia", which has articles on famous people -- and links to further information ...

Ike Turner

I don't see why we should remember Ike at all for the good things he did, when clearly, he was just an ogre who beat his wife Tina. I'm sorry, but I'll never care about the things he did in his life that were supposedly worth while. I'll always see him as the abusive guy who should have spent his ...