why is John Paul Jones known as the father of the American navy?

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Answered: Should Pope John Paul II be a saint?

No Pope is personally infallible. He is infallible as the head of the Church speaking Ex Cathedra on matters of faith or morals. This is guaranteed by Christ who founded His Church on Peter and promised the gates of hell would not prevail against Her.

Answered: If you as an american had known?

We have all found, to our horror, that organized crime elected Obama contrary to the will of the people, QED. The ONLY excuse that Obama's people have devised for his repetitive betrayals is race, and that issue ended one minute after Obama took office. Hence we see the fact that Democrats are ...

Answered: What is known as a "Magnus Opus"?

This is so great, i agree with that about of A "magnum opus" is Latin for "great work".

Answered: Palin unclear about Paul Revere?

This is Par for the Palin. Who the hell knows what she ment. If she makes a mistake we all know she attempts to bamboozle everyone thereafter so it looks cutsey wootsey. Good Grief. Lady Darko

Answered: Why was john dewey called he father of education

If you can remember the famous Philosophy on Education by John Dewey "Learning by Doing". This principle have become the basis of all curriculum through the world
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Locating Americans Overseas

Call to embassy or the tourist company.

John Paul Jones

John paul jones has medals with his likeness made of gold, silver, pewter, and bronze. The least expensive of these varieties is the sterling silver. The sterling silver variety was not struck by the u.S. Mint, but instead, the national commemorative society. As best as i can ascertain, the ...