why is jk rowling important?

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Answered: JK Rowling Confessing to Suicidal Thoughts

Thats extremely doubtful. Depression is one of the few illnesses that, just by its nature, exponentially grows in magnitude. One of the ways it does this is its stigma. (ex. A person suffering from depression will usually have guilt because of the stigma surrounding the illness as one of their ...

Answered: Should J.K. Rowling Win The Nobel Prize?

Tadpole (posting as her other split personality, the simpleminded hate freak Tony) proved that all leftists really are utterly stupid. All atheists have to screech those simpleminded lies, but so what, leftists have to lie because they aren't smart enough to tell the truth. Was that ever in ...

Answered: Harry Potter Plagiarized?

She got to caught up in the hollywood scene.

Answered: Will JK Rowling's new "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" eventually be for

I just ordered the new J.K. Rowling Tales of Beedle The Bard , The Collector's Edition at Busyboo.com and I am so excited about this book. It's a magical, wizarding textbook with metal artwork and exclusive illustrations from the enchanted Hogwarts library – a must have for every Harry Potter fan ...

Answered: JkGrandma's 2 Year Anniversary! Celebrate!

From me too! jkgrandma -- you are wonderful and I am happy to know you and to read your answers, which are always well-thought-out and well-said! Congratulations!

Answered: J.K. Rowling: Dumbeldore is Gay

It's strange how the characters from the book got to have a life of their own out side of the book. I can't think of any referent to Dumbeldor's sex life anywhere in the 7 books. I guess when you read the last book you can see dumbeldore's friend as a romantic connection or not. Non of the teachers ...
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