why is it summer in the northern hemisphere when it is winter in the southern hemisphere?

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Answered: Hemisphere

Facts: 1. The axis of the Earth (imaginary line running through Earth from top to bottom) is tilted in relation to the Sun. 2. The Earth is divided into sections by latitude lines, which circle Earth from east to west. 2. The equator is the latitude line around the center of Earth, half way ...

Answered: When is Autumn Summer in northern Ohio?

I think now can be called Autumn Summer . It is very fine , Nice weather!

Answered: Stew in the Summer, yes or no?

I love stew. I don't particularly crave it when it's hot, but i say.. Make it whenever you feel the urge! I make hot dishes in summer. I couldn't be without my simmered pork chops all summer.Lol. I say go for it.Oh make it in the eve. Then heat it up when you feel like it.There are no rules(in my ...

Answered: Big Buckles For My Winter Fashion Wardrobe

don't care about 80's just full fill your desire thank you

Answered: I am looking for a break in one of the Greek islands in august. How are

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Answered: Is there more dust in the air in summer time then there is in winter

If it is hot and dry most of the summer, then it will produce more dust. If your house is located off a dirt road in the country, then you will most definitely have a lot more dust.
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