Why is it difficult to make accurate generalizations about the relationship between race- ethnicity and crime?

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Answered: What determines you race

There are not any government grants based on ethnicity. To qualify for welfare type programs it is based on income qualifications. Your best bet would be to find out what the income restrictions are for any state programs.

Answered: Relationships

Then there is the broadening use of the word that deters the more soft-hearted males. Like the whole idea that a woman might just break their heart in the end when they are looking for a commitment when she is looking for someone to control. Its being dragged kicking and swinging into a possibly bad ...

Answered: Would you marry a member of a different race?

Absolutely, i think it's hardly the race that counts, it's how you love someone, the more we have this belief the more our marriages will last.

Answered: Relationship between economic well-being and life satisfaction with race

I think there may be a relationship between them, but there might not. Some people are economically poor, but they are very satisfied with their race, gender, ethnicity, and life in general. Others may be financially well off, but they aren't happy at all.

Answered: Difficult ethnic hair

Try searching on www.insiderpages.com. Good luck!

Answered: Where to get accurate gout list on foods

Baking soda, strawberries, grapes and alfalfa are really useful to get relief from gout pain . Also alkaline foods is helpful to reduce gout pain
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