Why is insulin so expensive?

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Answered: I am searching for reputable companies who sell final expense life

There are several good insurance companies that offer final expense insurance including Lincoln Heritage, Foresters, Guardian Insurance, Securus Final Expense, American Income Life, AFBA, Columbian Financial Group, and StateFarm. In addition, several insurers offer senior no exam life insurance ...

Answered: Medical Expense report

I would use a spread sheet. I use OpenOffice, which is equivalent to MSO except for the price. It is free.

Answered: Insulin

Insuline is French for insulin.

Answered: How expensive is insulin

Hi, It all depends where do you buy it and who is the producer.... In any case it's not that expensive.... Too many use it daily... Here is an article that answers your question more specifically. Best regards,

Answered: Can i take insulin and metfornin at same time ?

Yes, you can. I'm on an insulin pump and I take metformin. Metformin helps with the reduction of insulin resistance in your body so that the insulin you take and/or the insulin in your body can work better. Depending on your level of insulin resistance, you may or may not need metformin or the ...

Answered: Moving expenses

Well if you want to move to a new place, then you should start planning in advance. You should also consider taking advice and quotes from different movers Here is the link of a mover you should check: aussieoffice.co.uk
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I am insulin resistant and am a combination of ...

You have, really, two separate questions. The first is how to deal with insulin resistance...please see www.zap-insulin-resistance.com/best-diet-for-insulin-resistance.html for answers. The second is on how to work on building muscle mass: Tall skinny types (ectomorphs) will have more difficulty ...


Didn't your doctor give you a chart to show the amont of insulin to take based on your blood sugar readings when you test? How you'll know is when you get cold sweats and shakes and are dizzy and feel like you're going to pass out. Then you've taken too much, given yourself low blood sugar and need ...

What makes Birkin purses so expensive?'?

Just a name. Same leather, same thread, just let some Hollywood type be seen with it and you can charge what you want.