why is elisabeth shue limping?

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Answered: Why does elisabeth shue limp?

I've noticed a slight limp in several of her movies, but be honest...who cares. She is a beauty with brains.

Answered: Limping goats

You might want to try limiting their grain intake to see if anything changes. If it doesn't, I would try and talk to a veteranary doctor. Good luck and I hope they get better.

Answered: Why does kelsey grammer walk with a limp?

The only thing I could find was an article about his huge flat feet. That is one reason for the walk . I noticed it too. Looked it up. Found very little answers.

Answered: Uh--Hasselbeck--again? What the hell for? http://www.huffingtonpost.com

THE LEFTIST MUSLIM ATHEIST POSTER HAS BEEN BUSY POSTING UNDER SEVERAL OF HIS ALIASES.---------------Our government dependent friend has spent another sad lonely day and night of doing nothing but posting. He started with the former LadyD who has over an hour in with 12 posts, then he switched to the ...

Answered: Elisabeth chambers

There are 415 people results for Elizabeth Chambers on Facebook.com.

Answered: Dog with a limp

i suggest asking the vet for some doggy "motrin" which is called rimadyl or etedalac(generic). my pit lost the total use of her back legs and i as a last resort before eternal sleep, tried medicine therapy and it worked! mine was also on prednisone but i think ur dog should have a ready supply of ...
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Not even I know. Maybe so, maybe not. Madam Z