why is chris colfer not singing solos on glee?

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Answered: 'Glee' does Madonna!

In Power of Madonna of Glee one can see the perfect combination of romance and drama here. Episode 15 was really enjoyable.

Answered: Should 'Glee' do NKOB?!

I haven't watched an episode before and I don't think I will one way or the other.

Answered: Glee: Live in concert!

ya .... why not.

Answered: Glee hiatus survival

idk. im lost without it. GLEEK!

Answered: Solo

There are many songs that may suit you well. You should try to sing a song that will keep you within the comfort zone and is not over your range or singing skills. You can also ask your music teacher fo advice on the right song for your solo.
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im a gleek, but i still like the occasional CSI, but another show that i do LOVE is SCRUBS!? :) i find all of the episodes HILARIOUS!? :)

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Is GLEE getting worse?

I like it but its not as good as it used to be.