why is burt bacharach so stooped over?

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Answered: Who were burt reynolds girlfriends?.

Judy Carne, the British "Sock It To Me" girl from Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. Married for 2 years. Dinah Shore, TV personality/Singer. 20 years older. Chris Evert, Tennis star. Adrienne Barbeau, Actress. Susan Clark, Actress. Tammy Wynette, Country Singer. Sally Field, Actress. Pam Sears ...

Answered: Madagascar musicians from late 60's singing Burt Bacharach in

Perhaps LES SURFS? There were only 6 brothers & sisters, but they did perform a number of 60s cover tunes.

Answered: What is burt reynolds doing now?

No i haven't,but very curious,i met him twice through my cousin who is in the business.My cousin says she no longer hears about him. Thank you,linda cook

Answered: Norwalk ohio dr franklin m burt 1890

Have you tried this web site ?

Answered: Is it okay to use burt's bee's miracle salve as an eye cream on daily

Unless it tells you on the label it's ok for eyes, I would not do it.
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What is burt reynolds doing these day?

I saw him this week in Granada Hills,CA at an abandon dance stuido. Looks like he is in a new Movie. Anyone know more on this subject???