why is Al Sharpton so thin?

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Answered: Al sharpton activist how to contact him

Website www.nationalactionnetwork.net email: info@nationalactionnetwork.net (on subject like put: Attention Reverend Al Sharpton. Phone # 212-690-3070 Write a letter: National Action Network 106 W. 145th St., Harlem, New York 10039 ATTENTION: REVEREND AL SHARPTON Be Blessed

Answered: Is Reverend Al Sharpton the greatest liberal thinker of the Century?

What he is......is the greatest BSer ever besides Jesse Jackson and has made money off of nothing.....nothing.....just making trouble. He is an uneducated ox.

Answered: Do you believe Al Sharpton: Michael Jackson made Barack Obama

I love how people on the right, many of whom have never even met a black man, like to pretend that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton speak for every single black person alive. Anyone with an IQ over 70 knows this isn't true. But, if we reverse this logic, we can have some fun: let's say then, that ...

Answered: Al sharptons keeping it real bumper music

Right; Al Sharpton is the #1 RACE BAITER in USA now, he moved ahead of Jessee Jackson after all the stupid things Jesse Jackson did. He is a bad man that would throw his own mother under the bus … to get TV time and attention for himself.

Answered: Yes---this is a defining moment--for all of us! http://www

Under 2 aliases our government dependent friend the leftist Muslim Atheist poster has posted for over 9 hours with 75 posts. He has posted under several more and has many more hours of posting in. He's still posting. He doesn't even try to better himself. He's posting on questions that are months ...
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The longest time someone has lived with ALS

Stephen Hawkings recently suffered a setback and was in the hospital. He is planning to go into space within the next year if his health permits. He is already training for the mission.

Why do White People Hate Al Sharpton?

Sharpton a sell out brother. He a trick brother. He workin for The Man all along.

Why do people hate Al Sharpton?

SOME people hate him because he's black, and dares to speak without their permission. Beyond those ass-holes, I don't know anyone who "hates" him.

What is wrong with al sharpton thin looks sick?

I don't know if Al Sharpton is sick or not, but he looks like he has one foot in the hole, and one on a banana peel !!!