Why is a mathematician like an airline?

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Answered: Project Bojinka still haunts the Democrats.

Will someone respond to this lonely loser. The leftist Muslim Atheist poster is tired of being laughed at and ignored. Posting is all it has in its sad lonely pathetic life.

Answered: Alligiant airlines

This is the most recent information I found on Google about Allegiant. I don't know if it is still true today. http://emergingairlines.blogspot.com/2006/06/cq-air.html

Answered: Airline security

Who are you mad at for inspections? The TSA? The airlines? The government? or the terrorists? Nobody ever thought that they would resort to suicide missions before 911...nobody thought of danger in a persons shoe...do you really think we know all of the tricks up their sleeves or in their pants? If ...

Answered: What do you do when you have an airline ticket ...

Call the ticket issuer, let them know they misspelled it, and ask for a replacement so as to match your passport.
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Site:www.groupon.comgroupon.com deals for sun country airline

Gonna check the link, thanks... Jumponit

How likely do you think Sun Country Airlines is to stay in business

You better read this article printed in the October 6th Minneapolis Star.

Best deals on airline tickets??

The purchase of airline tickets is one of the most complex consumer transactions. Posts more detailed rules and restrictions that residential leases. Prices change several times a day. Plans should be made well in advance to get a good deal, and the penalties can be severe. best mobile phone ...

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Good idea. You should write to them with your suggestions. Here is their web site .