why I don't have ear wax?

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Answered: Is there anything positive about ear wax?

You are correct, Lido. Cerumen (Ear wax) is secreted by the body to cleanse and protect the skin inside the canal. The positive about it: It's an excellent flavor enhancer when you're biting your fingernails.

Answered: How to remove impacted wax from ears?

The ear is easily injured. See a doctor to do this.

Answered: Whats with the ear wax?

It could be you scratch yourself when removing the wax in the past if you use your fingers and the darkness is from blood. Also, dirt can get in your ear and cause darkness. Technically, you should not clean out the ears but if the problem continues, buy some ear drops that soften the wax, much ...

Answered: How Can I Give Myself The Best Bikini Wax At Home?

Follow these steps for doing a home bikini wax: Clean the area. Dry thoroughly. Be careful that the wax isn?t too hot. Place a very thin layer of wax on the area. Apply the wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Place the muslin strip on and pull it out. Source: http://www ...

Answered: How to get ear wax out of ears?

Pay a visit to any health care professional and the doctor can easily remove it for you. When there is too much wax in the ear, it can block your hearing so it's worth seeing the doctor.

Answered: Ear nosie

Have you got any answers for this question? I too have ringing in my ears which is driving me nuts!
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Why do i hear myself talking in my ear and my ear feels plugged. Doctors

That would probably be due to ear wax. Try Audiclean , it is an effective ear wax remover. It gently and safely clears your ears without the painful swelling of ear wax.

Can fluid in the ear cause dizziness

It is one of the most common causes of dizzyness...particularly in children.The inner ear has alot to do with balance and when affected by too much fluid or pus it is impeded in its ablilty to do its job

Brazilian Wax and diseaes??

I have heard stories in the past where people have caught the herpes virus from getting Brazilian waxes. However, I think that it completely depends on the salon where you get it done. Before you get it done, ask them for their policy, and make sure that they are clean and professional.

How can I tell if it's an ear infection or just ...

Family physicians, Physicians assistants, and Nurse practitioner's are also fully qualified to diagnose ear infections. If your child is fussy or appears ill, I would recommend seeing a health professional. Julie M